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Risk Management Process

How do you manage risk in your business? Are you aware of how much risk there is, how to identify it, quantify it and manage it? What exactly is Risk anyway? A & L help companies throughout the UK develop a risk management plan.

A common misconception in business is that risk is a problem, something negative. ISO 31000, defines risk as the “effect of uncertainty on objectives”, an effect can be a positive or negative, a deviation from what maybe expected. Risks can be threats, opportunities or indeed both, they simply aren’t black or white.

Your business is operating in an uncertain world, one that is constantly subject to unexpected influences and change. By introducing strong risk management into your business strategy and systems you will have a greater awareness of the potential for your business and be able to manage risk in a way that will ensure sustainability and promote business growth.

We Can Help Check Your Existing Procedures

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Risk Management System

To manage risk effectively you need a system that is tailored to and works for your business. You will require the involvement and commitment of everyone in your business and most of all the top-level management team.

The PDCA Cycle - ‘Plan, Do, Check, Act’ – Is the heart of any strong management system, it is championed by ISO and the primary focus in all of their management system standards. It’s not enough just to write down what you think are your risks. You need to plan a system, do what is required to control the risks, evaluate the effectiveness of these controls and act to improve your system so as to reduce the potential threats, whilst increasing your opportunities.

If you are looking to strengthen and grow your business, then risk management is a must. A & L have years of experience working with our clients. We ensure that their management systems are embedded with PDCA, appropriate to the businesses, effective and provide measurable improvements. When supporting our clients’ we help implement the principles of ISO risk management standard, attaining certification for those businesses that wish to do so.

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